Yearly examinations offer children an annual goal to achieve their own personal best. It also provides a yardstick by which progress can be measured with a worldwide standard. Only teachers who have been through Royal Academy training are certified and may enter students for RAD examinations. RAD qualified instructors are required to annually attend workshops to constantly inspire and inform their teaching.

The RAD program provides a standard of learning regardless of where instruction occurs; students who move from one country (or state) to another can enroll in a new RAD school and continue with the same syllabus.
All examinations are organized and administered by RAD Examination Board. Students who pass examination are awarded a medal and an official letter stamped with the Queen of England's official seal. The certifications will become their permanent record of their achievement, and the students will receive credits based on the national credit system in England. It may become the credit of the students in United States (depending on the institution).  This record can be stated in their school applications or resumes.
To learn more about the Royal Academy of Dance (U.K.), London, England, please visit their web site. To find other Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) studios in the United States, please visit the RAD USA web site.